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I think someone stole my bike...

I think someone stole my bike, and then returned it...

So to make a long story short, I left my bike at the MC over the weekend. And I came back and it wasn't locked up, so my first assumption was that I, being the absent minded mathy I am, forgot to lock it up. Then I thought to myself, "Is this where I left my bike, maybe I'm stealing someone else's bike...", so I walked over to where I thought I had left my bike, only to find my smashed locked lying on the ground. At this moment I was rather confused, so I recapped the facts:
  1. I found my lock smashed near where I left my bike

  2. I found my bike unlocked but very carefully placed a few bike racks down (note: I broke the bike stand off my bike many moons ago, so it need to be hooked in to the rack to keep it up)

  3. You might have noticed from my earlier comment, my bike is crappy.

  4. The bike was left in 3rd gear, which I don't use often since it seems to make the chain slip (see fact 3)

I have 4 hypothesis now:

  1. Someone stole my bike realized fact 3, and just left it there

  2. My lock snapped and someone picked up my bike and moved it a few bike racks down (???)

  3. Someone stole my bike, but had to go to the MC, and I took it back while they where in MC

  4. Someone stole my bike and I stole someone else bike

If you either stole my bike and then "lost it" or moved my bike over the weekend, please msg me... because I'm confused
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