Saul (waterloser) wrote,

Sundance 2011

I went to sundance last weekend here are quick reviews of the movies I saw.

An African Election
Documentary about the 2008 election in Ghana. Compelling subject and interestingly shot. And worth it just to learn more about Jerry Rawlings.

These Amazing Shadows
Documentry about the "National Film Registry" and film restoration. Interesting, especially if you are in to the history of film.

Gun Hill Road
Drama about Latino father that has been in jail for 3 years, who once he leaves finds out his son is transgendered. There was something missing in this movie… the story should have hit the audience harder then it did. On the plus side, the actor playing the transgendered son is excellent.

In a Better World
Danish drama about pacifism and revenge. Great movie emotionally engaging and interesting. It made a strong point without having to bash you over the head with it.

Shorts Program I
A bunch of shorts, most of which weren't great. Except for Worst Enemy by Lake Bell, which is pretty funny and worth a watch.

Another Earth
A high concept movie about forgiveness and self reflection. Another good one, the only issue with this movie is you really need to suspend disbelief about the "parallel" earth they find, and the pseudo science used to explain it doesn't help. But once you get past that, the story is interesting and really pulls you in. Plus main actors are excellent.
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